Insignificant events in the life of a cactus

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(oops forgot to take photo before I returned to library. Cover photo from Amazon)

By Dusti Bowling

Book Source: my library

Book Status: available

This was one of those books everyone was talking about so I borrowed it. Now I get why they were all talking about it.

1. It is a mystery to solve. Those are super fun books especially when the clues send you in the wrong direction

2. It is super interesting to learn how she functions with no arms. She is fearless and inspiring.

3. It deals with middle school and making friends.

4. It covers a couple different disabilities – one visible and one not visible. Sometimes people overlook the not visible disabilities. But you know disabilities are super powers (says the ADHD girl)

5. It was just super fun book. The ending is awesome. It is fun adventure.

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