Mia Marcotte and the Robot

  • 1 min read

By Jeanne Wald

illustrated by Saliha Caliskan

Book Source: provided in exchange for a fair review

Book Status: Available

  1. This book is cool because the girl ( strong female!) Desires to be and astronaut and go to Mars!
  2. It’s also cool because her aunt who lives in PARIS is a scientist!
  3. Her aunt sends a loooooot of boxes before she comes to the girls house and in a box is a robot!
  4. The robot is a very intelligent bot and is the result of a date to make bot as curious as a kid. The bit helps the girl make her science project for the science fair because a he wants to win so she can go to the space center.
  5. It teaches how to make a basic telescope through the story!

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