Books by Kathryn Griffin Swegart

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During my vacation at my grandparents, I read three books by Kathryn Griffin Swegart O.F.S. Today I am sharing a reviews of all three.

Heavenly Hosts second edition

  1. This book is cool because it has soooo many true stories about Eucharistic miracles.
  2. It also teaches kids to be grateful of what you have because of conditions some saints lived in.
  3. It teaches about saints who did the impossible.
  4. It inspires kids because of all the things that happened with the miracles
  5. There are photos in the back of the book and are of the places men tion in the book 

Perilous Days Brave Hearts: Book 1

1 This book is cool because it is set in World War 2 

2 It shows the things that happened to German soldiers.

3 It shows how soldiers lived

4 It showed that soldiers were as young as 16 in Russian fronts where temps could dip below 50 degrees below 0!

5 It inspires kids to be grateful that they arent 16 and in a war ( kids who are 16,just be grateful you’re no in war)

Martyrs Brave Hearts: Book 2

1 This book is true story

2 This book is about a french priest in a wabanaki tribe trying to teach the catholic faith

3 Its about the tribe trying to fight for their land

4 Its about how mistreated native americans were in colonial times

5 It shows how the many tribesmen, including the chief, died trying to protect the priest

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