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By Jen Calonita

Book Source: purchased book 1 and borrowed book 2 from library

Book Status: available

The first book is about a girl who’s mom becomes the tour manager for her favorite band and spends the whole tour with them and moves her crush from one member the one other and meets an annoying girl who is the daughter of an important person who is a big helper to the band. But the band is falling apart and she has to stop it from falling apart .

The second book is about the bands next song being stolen and a sneaky vlogger who’s leaking the bands secrets and the new band has to cope with the old band and it torture for the kids but they devise a plan to stop is. The second book is about trust and working as a team.

What is interesting about these books is every kid thinks it would be cool to hang out on tour with their favorite but in reality, it sounds like a lot of work. This could be an interesting creativity writing project for students. Who would you go on tour with and what would you do? That would be so much more interesting than “What did you do this summer?” I think you would learn a lot about each kid and their interests.

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