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Cat Science Unleashed by Jodi Wheeler-Toppen (Photography by Matthew Rakola)

Cat Breed Guide by Stephanie Warren Drimmer & Gary Weitzman DVM

Book Source: provided in exchange for fair review by Media Masters Publicity

Book Status: Available

When Bridget was offered these books for review, the answer was yes from me. I took them as soon as they came. Cats are my favorite. Cats RULE!

With Cat Science Unleashed, I learned fun things to do with my cat. I learned why my cat acts the way he does. I learned why cats usually land on their feet and how they fit in small spaces. This is a good book for kids who want to do things with their cats.

Cat Breed Guide teaches you about different types of cats. There are a lot more types of cats than I thought. I think my cat has some Bombay in him. We also have two tabby cats and one calico. One of our cats is even a miniature. All of our cats are short haired. They are all rescues!

This book is really interesting to learn about the different cats, their history and what makes them unique. They also make funny faces.

I recommend these books to kids who like cats or trying to pick a cat pet.

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