Think before you…

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With a couple high profile kids books coming out recently, I want to bring something up.

When these books come out, grown ups are all “kids will love this”, “kids have to read this” “it is going to be super popular in my class”. The kids hear that and read the book trusting the grown-up. But some kids aren’t going to like the book and that makes them feel dumb.

For example, I haven’t gotten into Harry Potter. Some people have said things that make me feel bad about it. They don’t mean to because they loved the book but it still makes me feel bad.

We have to remember that not all books are for all people. Spoiler: there are some major kidlit authors I don’t like. Everyone gets excited about their books but I just don’t like them. I am okay with this because I know there are lots of other books and authors. But other kids don’t know that.

I would like it if you try to be careful when you get excited about a kids book. It would let kids feel better if they don’t like the book!

Something cute to end this. This is a 3 week old kitten!! Isn’t he adorable?

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