Save the crash-test dummies

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By Jennifer Swanson

Illustrated by TeMika Grooms

Book Source: purchased

Book status: available

Mom has one of those jobs where she does a lot of different projects for the company. One project she does is road safety education. She works for an automotive company (duh we live near Detroit). I am the mascot for one of her sponsored programs and am known as Road Safety Kid. When we heard about this book, we knew we had to order it.

This book is awesome. You learn about vehicle safety and the history of how they tested car safety. You learn what brakes do (Dad works for a brakes company). You learn about airbags and seatbelts and even future concepts. They even talk about mirrors and backup cameras.

Mom thinks this book is pretty cool. She is going to share it with her road safety friends. I think this is really interesting. I don’t know many kids into road safety like I am but kids who are curious how things work would like this book. Kids who like engineering will like it. I think adults should read this book to remember why they need to wear their seatbelts and use mirrors.

It is funny because on Tuesday I read a story about the history of windshield wipers.

I think this book is awesome and should join the kid education on pedestrian and bike safety.

I had a meeting with NHTSA about road safety for kids

In my mascot suit

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