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By Pat Shand, K. Lynn Smith and Jim Campbell

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This is a graphic novel about a big cat who glows. At first they banish the cat so the girl goes with her. They banish the cat because it was making a mess. The story is about what happens while they are banished.

People would like this because it is about a giant cat. The cat glows. Cats are awesome. None of my cats glow but I wish one did!

There is magical poop! That is probably why it is called Afterglow. I think Jarrett Lerner should read this. He likes books about poop and farts! I don’t think he has one about magical poop.

It about the relationship between a cat and it’s person. They can be magical. Dougie and I are the best of friends. I can’t imagine my life without him and I have only had him since June! I would like to go on a magical adventure with him but we are too young!

I really like the illustrations. They help tell the story.

Maybe older kids and adults will like this better. I am 8 and really liked it.

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