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Double review:”Don’t tell the Nazis”  and “Nazi Saboteurs”

Don’t tell the Nazis by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

Nazi Saboteurs: Hitler’s secret attack on America by Samantha Seiple

Book source: Review copies provided by Scholastics in exchange for a fair review

Book Status: available December 3, 2019

These books may sound the same, but they are two different things. One is nonfiction, the other is too, but is written in a way that may sound fictional. On with the review!!!!!!!!!

Don’t Tell The Nazis

1. It’s a biography, in a way, and a diary account. The main character, Krystia, is a real person.

2. It’s very sad, but some readers like sad stories.

3. It’s very adventurous.

4. It’s about a girl who is soooooooo cool! She defys everything that the commandment says! She helps her aunt and uncle, and hides her Jewish friends! She helps them survive in the ghetto before they even get to their basement!

5. It’s just a really good book!

Nazi Soboteurs Hitler’s Secret Attack on America

1. It’s a book told from different perspectives.

2. It’s about how, even though one of the saboteurs turned the two groups in, the president took aaaaallllll the credit.

3. It’s about bravery and cowardly actions.

4. This is non-fiction so good for kids who like real facts.

5. You never hear about this story so it is something new to learn.

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