Ruby in the sky

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By Jeanne Zulick Ferruolo

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Aimee Bissonnette suggested I read this book. She was so right!!! This is one of the more thought provoking books.

1. It is a book about bullying. What is most interesting is it shows how the adults can be the bullies too. The kids repeat what their parents say.

2. It is about not knowing the truth so they make up stories. So many things are said in the book. It is interesting how the teacher even advises the students to go for primary sources.

3. It is about how we treat working moms, especially like, decades ago. Abigail was a mystery to the town and so they didn’t fully accept her.

4. It is about how sometimes, taking the hard path, or even the right path, only gets more trouble. Ruby stands up for her friends even though they are not cool.

5. Sometimes people know, but don’t tell, to protect themselves and family. I feel her aunt could have done more for Abigail but didn’t for some reason. Maybe she thought people would say she was crazy.

6. It is also a book about grief and how people cope. Neither Ruby, her mom or Abigail pick the healthiest path but at the end I think they do.

Come back tomorrow to learn more about the author!!

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