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The Tornado

By Jake Burt

Book Source: purchased from Book Bug

Book Status: Available

1. This book is about bullying.

2. This book is about bullying when you’re not trying to. So one way the bullied becomes the bully. We can all be bullies.

3. It’s about how when you’re bullied, when someone else comes, you have to choose between standing up, or being the bully.

4. It’s about how people see what they want to see, even if it’s not true.

5. It is also about kids that make things. So really good for builder kids!

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My own furry Foster experience


Okay, I’m done now. But I’ve got lots of stuff to tell you about them! Soooo, we are either going name them out of VOLTRON, or if we don’t, we are going to each name one and mom’s definitely going to name the gray one Surprise! That’s cause we were only getting 3 when we first got to the notice, and then they found another!


Right now they are between 2 and 3 lbs so probably around 7/8 wks old. That also means they probably won’t be here very long.

So usually I do a book review on Mondays but I was so excited to share this. I will share about a book tomorrow.

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Frankie’s scared of everything

Words and pictures by Mathew Franklin

Book Source: review copy provided by Media Masters Publicity

Book Status: available October 18

1. This book is by a tattoo artist.

2. This book is a poem.

3. This book has rrreeeaaalllyyy cool pictures.

4. This book is about how you can imagine things in the night, and get scared of your own imagination.

5. This book is perfect for kids with anxiety, and get scared of the stuff in the night.

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Mathew Franklin

1. When you were my age (10), did you have a book inspire or impact you?
When I was 10 years old in 1996 a really cool new series of books just came out. They were called Goosebumps and the author R. L. Stine was from Ohio (where I am from).  I loved all the stories, even though they were scary, and really loved the cover art for every book.

2. Have you read anything recently that inspired or impacted you?
I just started re-reading one of my favorite series of books, The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. It is really amazing when humans create entire other worlds in their mind and somehow all of us are able to read and create those worlds along with them.

3. Can you share what your usual day as an author looks like?
Well I really don’t feel like an author yet! I spend most of my days drawing. Drawing on skin for tattoos, painting commissions for clients, designing logos and branding for companies, and drawing Frankie’s world. This is the first time any words of my own have been used in a project. So my usual day as an author looks like a visual artist.

4. Is there a newer or less know author you think kids should know about?
I don’t know if there is one particular new author who jumps out. I will say that I am a fan of how many new authors there are, and the ease at which you can access all of them via the internet. Our world is so small and connected now that I think it’s a really great time to explore what’s out there.

5. What is a cool thing about being an author?
It’s pretty neat to be interviewed by you guys! Also holding a book you wrote in your hands feels pretty cool.

6. How are you an author and tattoo artist?
I’ve never been very good at doing one thing at a time. I think the best way to balance things you love is to align them. I love to draw and I love to tell stories. That’s what Frankie is, and what I do in my tattoos.

7.  If you could portal into any book which would it be?
Eeeek I love this question!… I am going to say anything Roald Dahl. I want to be in a world with a little wonder, a little compassion, and a little creepiness!

I want to say thank you so much to Bridget and the Books for talking to me. I hope you enjoy hanging with Frankie!



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Words on Fire

By Jennifer A. Nielsen
Book Source: review copy provided

Book Status: Available

1. This book is about book smuggling and how young girls did it as we as old ladies.

2. This book is about the Russian invaders in Lithuania. It about how they banned Lithuanian books and the Lithuanian language.

3. It’s about the way smugglers were punished. ( Making railroads in Siberia )

4. It’s a fun way to learn history.

5. It’s about something other that WWII, WWI, Civil War, Revolutionary War, and the Cold War, that’s in war type topics.

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On thin ice

By Christina Soontornvat

Book Source: purchased

Book Status: available

I have started reading books by myself and the Diary of an Ice Princess series books are really good ones. I can read it by myself and I enjoy them.

I just finished ON THIN ICE. It has a boy and penguins! And penguin playground. It is a book about how people can be cooler than you think they are.

This book is for all kids. Boys will like this series because the adventures are fun. There are funny lines in the books line dropping snow on heads! Just because Lina is princess doesn’t mean boys won’t like her. She has magic and that is cool.

This is a good book for kids learning to read by themselves. Dragons also like the books

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Save the crash-test dummies

By Jennifer Swanson

Illustrated by TeMika Grooms

Book Source: purchased

Book status: available

Mom has one of those jobs where she does a lot of different projects for the company. One project she does is road safety education. She works for an automotive company (duh we live near Detroit). I am the mascot for one of her sponsored programs and am known as Road Safety Kid. When we heard about this book, we knew we had to order it.

This book is awesome. You learn about vehicle safety and the history of how they tested car safety. You learn what brakes do (Dad works for a brakes company). You learn about airbags and seatbelts and even future concepts. They even talk about mirrors and backup cameras.

Mom thinks this book is pretty cool. She is going to share it with her road safety friends. I think this is really interesting. I don’t know many kids into road safety like I am but kids who are curious how things work would like this book. Kids who like engineering will like it. I think adults should read this book to remember why they need to wear their seatbelts and use mirrors.

It is funny because on Tuesday I read a story about the history of windshield wipers.

I think this book is awesome and should join the kid education on pedestrian and bike safety.

I had a meeting with NHTSA about road safety for kids

In my mascot suit