Books about real people

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Book source: provided by Media Masters Publicity for review purposes

Book Status: Queens Nov 12;. Kings Nov 12; American Indians Nov 12

These three books are all about real people. One is about Queens, which is really women who succeeded at things. Kings is about men who have been successful. You learn about people like The Rock, John Cena, The Queen of England and Beyonce. It explains what they did to be successful.

The book covers well known people but also the hidden people who have changed our world. This would be very interesting to kids.

The Encyclopedia of Americans Indians goes into details about each tribe. There is a page for each tribe and it explains about who they are and what made their tribe unique. It was interesting to see how many tribes there are. You don’t hear about the different tribes so kids think all Americans Indians are the same. They are not.

My great-great-great grandmother was from the Micmac tribe. I read that page first and want to read more.

All three books would be good additions for kids to learn more about real people. These are great starts to help kids find out there is more than just what you hear about. These help point them in the right direction to find details.

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