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Kiki & Jax: the life-changing magic of friendship

By Marie Kondo

Co-written and illustrated by Salina Yoon

Book Source: purchased

book status: available

1. If you like Salina Yoon, get this book! RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!!

2. If you’re a messy kid, this book doesn’t just give you ways to clean, it gives you reasons!

3. It’s just a really cute story!

4. This book is short, so if little kids read it, it gives them the lesson at an early age. ( Well, now I sound like a doctor……)

5. You learn about friendship and about being tidy. So two lessons in one book.

6. If you know Salina, you know there are lots of things hidden in the illustrations. Penguin, Floppy, Bear, Dino and Pinecone all make appearances. An interview with Marie Kondo also revealed Salina even hid her daughter’s items.

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