A Galaxy of Sea Stars

  • 2 min read

By Jeanne Zulick Ferruolo

Book Source: ARC provided by author to read and review

Book Status: Available February 4, 2020

Jeanne Zulick Ferruolo is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. After I reviewed RUBY IN THE SKY and interviewed her, she sent a thank you that included a copy of her upcoming book. Every other kid gets excited about Raina T., And Dave P., but I’m AAALWAYS excited about this kind of books!              Ok now………….

On with the review!!

1. It’s about friendship problems. ( I mean trios never work out, do they?) The problem is friendships evolve even you don’t want them to change. You can fight it but it only makes things worse.

2. It is about being a new kid and being very different from your new surroundings.

3. It is about parents dealing with really hard things and not being fully honest with the kid. Parents aren’t perfect and sometimes they think they are protecting the kid but they aren’t.

4. It is about facing your fears and doing something that terrifies you. I experience that with track cycling. Riding the track is terrifying but I love it. I still have to push myself through and just do it.

5. All together it tells a story middle graders can relate to. It covers bullying, friendship, families, new kids, changes, middle grade and so much more.

Overall I really liked this book. Ok I loved it but that isn’t why you should read it. I hope you read it because the topics it covers interest you. But first you have to preorder it and wait….

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