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Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary

By Laura Shovan

Book Source: gifted to me by author
Book Status: available

Please excuse the stock photo….. I gave the book to my fifth grade teacher before I took a picture of it.

1. It’s a whole book telling a story, but it’s all poetry!

2. The poetry is in different perspectives, each one a different person.

3. It shows how the kids try to save their school from being bulldozed and made into a new super market.

4. It shows how much the kids are willing to do in order to save their school.

5. It’s just really cool…. And nice…….. And touching that kids really are like that……. My class would be throwing parties if my school was going to be turned into a super market.

6. This book could be a cool fifth grade class project to see what kids would do if it was their school.

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The Bone Garden

By Heather Kassner

Book Source: borrowed from library

Book Status: available

1. The girl, Ireele, is not real. She is made from bones and dust, cinnamon and hair.

2. She is never allowed to go outside, or in public. She only is a allowed to go in the underground tunnels, that stretch across every grave in the graveyard.

3. She collects dust from bones for her mistress,  Miss Arden Mae Vesper, or, Miss Vesper.

4. This book is perfect for kids who like spooky books but not horror.

5. It’s a really cool plot and it’s mysterious twists and cliffhangers keep you guessing.


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Ghost Squad

By Claribel A. Ortega

Book Source: ARC sent by Scholastic for review purposes

Book Status: available April 7, 2020

1. The girl, Lucely, and her friend, Syd, cast a spell that, like, awakens killer ghosts… Weeeelllllllll they are poltergeists so…… Yeah, they can kill you…. Yup. They can.

2. Syd’s grandma is. A. Witch.

3. Lucely has the ability of seeing ghosts. But only of her family members. Like her grandma and cousin.

4. Lucely’s dad runs a ghost tour.

5. This book is just a REALLLLLLLLLLLLY GOOD BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Duck Therapy

By Joni Armstrong

Book Source: given to me by grandfather

Book Status: available

This book is about a baby duck being late to hatch. He had a bad foot and had to go through therapy. It is based on a real duck.

Kids watch along as he goes through the process. The kids are all getting therapy too.

This book would be good for kids who need therapy. It makes therapy seem fun and show how it helps. Therapy can be scary for kids. It does help.

Kids who like ducks would like this too.

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I Survived Graphic Novel

By Lauren Tarshis

Art by Haus Studio

Book source: provided for review by Scholastic

Book Status: available February 4, 2020

I really like the I Survive books and was excited to hear about graphic novel version. This one is about surviving the Titanic sinking. I haven’t stopped reading it since I got the review copy.

It is historical fiction in a way kids can understand. I have also read the book version of this. The graphic illustrations shows you what the Titanic really looked like and there are facts at the end of the book.

Kids will like this because it is a series we like and a graphic novel. They will learn about a real situation. This could help kids get into the I Survive series too.

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Bunny Business

By Lori Richmond

Book Source: provided by Lori because I (Lil Brother) am her biggest fan

Book Status: Available March 3, 2020

Lori Richmond is the coolest and not just because she did a book with Tim Kubart. I really liked Bunny-stacation and she nicely sent me an advanced copy of Bunny Business.

Bunny Business is about Bunny going to Mama’s work. It is about the travel to work and his day there. The highlight is Bunny gets hungry while Mama is in a meeting.

Lori’s pictures really help the story. There are lots of hidden messages like her previous books or her pictures from her runs. I also know she hides her family in the book. Finding these is just as much fun as reading the book.

I recommend the book to kids who have a Mama who works. My mama works and I have gone to her work. She takes me to her cool projects. She even set up a meeting for me with NHTSA.

Maybe people will read this book when it is take your kid to work day.

This is a Little Brother Love it, Must have it book.

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Bigfoot and the Mitten

Words by Karen Bell-Brege

Pictures by Darrin Brege

Book Source: provided by author and illustrator for review purposes

Book Status: Available

Review by Little Brother

This is Little Brother and I am taking over Bridget’s blog this week! Come back each day to see what I have to say about books. Now review…

I took this book from Bridget because I like things about Bigfoot. This is a book about Bigfoot exploring Michigan. I have seen a lot of things he sees!

Bigfoot is confused about the Mitten. Michigan is called the Mitten because it looks like one but Bigfoot doesn’t know that.

Kids would like this book because they will learn about Michigan and all the cool things here. It is fun to explore with Bigfoot. It could be cool if Bigfoot explored more states.