Tille the Terrible Swede

  • 1 min read

Written by Sue Stauffacher

Illustrated by Sarah McMenemy

Book Source: purchased

Book Status: available

Aimee Bissonette suggested I check out this book and as usual, she was right!

1. This book is about Tillie Anderson, an early competitive female cyclist.

2. Tillie was a track cyclist, like me. When she rode they didn’t wear any safety gear!

3. Tillie was so good that people would try to sabotage her on the track. It is hard to keep your balance on the track so they would do things to knock her off.

4. People at the time were split on her. Some thought she was great and some thought women shouldn’t be doing it.

5. She even was examined by doctors to figure out why she was so good.

6. This book is inspiring to learn about a woman who helped change the world for all women. I really want to learn more about her.

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