Do not rake your garden in a party dress

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By Aimee Bissonette

Illustrated by Kelly Pousette

Book Source: provided by publisher for review purposes

Book Status: Released on March 3, 2020

1. This book is great for dealing with things gone wrong

2. The illustrations are really cool and really add to all the things gone wrong

3. It is a good book for helping little kids understand how to accept change

4. It is cool how the words go like a poem

5. The solution is really great and cute

6. It is by Aimee Bissonette.

1 thought on “Do not rake your garden in a party dress”

  1. aimeebissonette2017

    Thank you, Bridget, for this great review. You know how much I value your opinion. And I agree completely with what you said about Kelly’s artwork. It is amazing and beautiful!

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