• 2 min read

By Ben Guterson

Illustrations by Chloe Bristol

Book Source: Borrowed from library

Book Status: Available

We found this book by Amazon suggesting it. Amazon was right. It’s sooooooooooooo good!!! I also read the second book. But still I have 1 burning question. WHERE IS THE THIRD?????!!!!!! I NEED A THIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok now ON WITH THE REVIEW!! (First book only)

1. The characters are sooooooooooooo cool. I mean, a man who hauls his “books” around in a coffin, a boy who’s inventing, like, so much cool stuff, the hotel owner who pokes around the library at night, who wouldn’t want to read this book?

2. The girl, Elizabeth, is an orphan, and lives with her aunt and uncle.

3. Elizabeth lives in the poorest house in the town, yet they manage to send her to an expensive hotel and themselves an expensive 3 week vacation. Huh… Sounds fishy…

4. The owner of the hotel is a little weird… He wants Elizabeth to check in four times a day.

5. The owners sister is into dark magic… She kills to live. Literally.