Bigfoot and the Mitten

  • 1 min read

Words by Karen Bell-Brege

Pictures by Darrin Brege

Book Source: provided by author and illustrator for review purposes

Book Status: Available

Review by Little Brother

This is Little Brother and I am taking over Bridget’s blog this week! Come back each day to see what I have to say about books. Now review…

I took this book from Bridget because I like things about Bigfoot. This is a book about Bigfoot exploring Michigan. I have seen a lot of things he sees!

Bigfoot is confused about the Mitten. Michigan is called the Mitten because it looks like one but Bigfoot doesn’t know that.

Kids would like this book because they will learn about Michigan and all the cool things here. It is fun to explore with Bigfoot. It could be cool if Bigfoot explored more states.

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