Bunny Business

  • 2 min read

By Lori Richmond

Book Source: provided by Lori because I (Lil Brother) am her biggest fan

Book Status: Available March 3, 2020

Lori Richmond is the coolest and not just because she did a book with Tim Kubart. I really liked Bunny-stacation and she nicely sent me an advanced copy of Bunny Business.

Bunny Business is about Bunny going to Mama’s work. It is about the travel to work and his day there. The highlight is Bunny gets hungry while Mama is in a meeting.

Lori’s pictures really help the story. There are lots of hidden messages like her previous books or her pictures from her runs. I also know she hides her family in the book. Finding these is just as much fun as reading the book.

I recommend the book to kids who have a Mama who works. My mama works and I have gone to her work. She takes me to her cool projects. She even set up a meeting for me with NHTSA.

Maybe people will read this book when it is take your kid to work day.

This is a Little Brother Love it, Must have it book.

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