Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary

  • 1 min read

By Laura Shovan

Book Source: gifted to me by author
Book Status: available

Please excuse the stock photo….. I gave the book to my fifth grade teacher before I took a picture of it.

1. It’s a whole book telling a story, but it’s all poetry!

2. The poetry is in different perspectives, each one a different person.

3. It shows how the kids try to save their school from being bulldozed and made into a new super market.

4. It shows how much the kids are willing to do in order to save their school.

5. It’s just really cool…. And nice…….. And touching that kids really are like that……. My class would be throwing parties if my school was going to be turned into a super market.

6. This book could be a cool fifth grade class project to see what kids would do if it was their school.

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