Wheels of Change

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By Sue Macy

Book Source: purchased

Book Status: available

I was asked to review the third book in Sue Macy’s series about women and sports (that review comes later this week). While reading about Sue, I saw the title of the second book (this) and had to have it. I mean women + bicycles = heck yeah! I want that book!

1. It’s about how the bicycle made a lot of progress in women’s rights!

2. It tells about how women were both advocates about bikes, but also how they were also hating the bike and think that it made women demons!!!

3. It tells how the bicycle innovated how women go places, and how it changed restrictions with women and men.

4. It shows how the bicycle changed over time to accommodate women, and how women changed over time to accommodate the bike.

5. It made me think about bikes differently, and made me proud to be a woman cyclist!!!!!!!

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