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Day 17

Not much new to report. I sleep in. I do school work. I play on the computer. I complain I am bored.

Yesterday I did find out I had overlooked a school assignment. I appreciate what my teachers are doing but the current organization is confusing for a kid like me. It is a little hard to keep track of what I am supposed to be doing each week.

Next week is Spring Break. Last year I went to the Grand Canyon and across Arizona. This year, I will probably go to the back yard.

Over the weekend, I did write a poem I want to share. I call it Meadow Transformed

Not a long, long, time ago,
In a land not far away,
Flowers bloomed high and low,
And breezes made them sway,

Far and near, word got out,
Of a meadow pretty as can be,
Soon you could hear a newsie’s shout,
Of a meadow by the sea,

Soon many flocked the valley,
Bringing many things,
But when they left the meadow of beauty,
they left something unpretty,

Bags floated in the sea,
Bottles covered the flowers,
What once was a meadow so pretty,
Was left without any power,

That my friends is a story,
That just might be true,
So heed my warning,
Recycle your plastic, just do.

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Days 14, 15 and 16

I have been bored and happy at different times, but yesterday was the best! When the storm started, I went outside with a pool frisbee and ran around! I kept letting go of the frisbee and I had to run full speed to get it before it blew away-away! It was soo fun!! I loved it!

I have had good days and meltdowns. I am getting my school work done and enjoying talking to my cousins and friends online. I really can’t wait to see people again.

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Never Fear, Meena’s Here!

By Karla Manternach

Book Source: Purchased

Book Status: Available

1. Meena has Epilepsy!

2. Meena finds a ring and starts thinking that she is a superhero!

3. Meena’s bestie knows that the ring won’t make Meena a superhero, but Meena is determined that it will!

4. This a really good book, and it is a great story of a girl with epilepsy!

5. Oh and this is the second book!

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The Escape of Princess Madeline

By Kirstin Pulioff

Book Source: purchased

Book Status: available

My parents downloaded this book at a bike race to calm my anxiety, and I like it Sooooooooooooo much that I downloaded the second and third ones!!

1. The princess, Madeline, does not want to get married, so she runs away!

2. Madeline’s champion knight, Daniel, and the king’s army, look for her and they find false ends and leads and just can’t seem to find her!!

3.Daniel accidently finds the exiled wizards, and they lead him to a pond that shows him Madeline!

4. Ok telling you the whole story do I’m going to tell you other stuff! I think that this is a show of girl powerful and that they should choose their life not others!

5. This is just the coolest! I love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!

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Day 13

First things first, I will start posting these in the morning. you will see yesterday on these, but they will refer to the day I’m posting about! Now on with the review!!!

Ok, so yesterday was a little bumpy on the emotional road, but it was great otherwise! My cat, Rebel was extra, and I mean EXTRA, snuggly, so I spent a lot of time cuddling her! She’s sooooooooooooo cute I just can’t help it!!!! I did some school work, walked a loooooong walk, and played a little Roblox!

One weird thing is just I’m not into my books! It’s sooooooooooooo weird right? That’s all, see ya tommorow!!

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The Derby Daredevils

By Kit Rosewater

Illustrated by Sophie Eacabasse

Book Source: review copy provided in exchange for review

Book Status: Available

1. The girl rides in the roller derby! I am a big fan of girls doing unusual sports.

2. The girl needs to have 3 more people to race in the derby league! (She has a bestie with her already)

3. It teaches you that your friend can have friends other than you and still be your bestie!!

4. I think that this book is a good book and that it has a lot of Girl Power

5. It teaches you to get a long with other people that you wouldn’t usually get along with!

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Day 12

Lil Brother today! Bridget fell asleep before posting last night so I am going to share how Day 12 went.

Day 12 was first day of Michigan Shelter in Place. Dad was home so he was our teacher. I got my work done quickly.

Mom had a call so we went on a scavenger hunt walk. We found everything but a worm and a dandelion. It is not the right time of year for those.

We have also been doing the 30 days of Legos challenge.

We spend a lot of time chatting with our cousins and friends. That is fun.

I am reading The Wild Robot with Mom. Maybe I will review soon.