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By JA White

Book Source: borrowed from library

Book Status: available

1. This is a series of four books that are really long so it would be really good book for summer reading.

2. The girl, Kara, is a witch…… Then a powerless human…….. Oh, then witch again. It’s fuuuuunnnn.

3. In the third book the bad and good characters, (Sordyr and Rygoth) switch!

4. Kara is a good witch. she meets a bad witch, and teaches a good witch, and battles a bad witch, becomes a wexari, and battles 2 wexari, (the ones that switch) and meets another wexari, and brings back the first bad witch she met.

5. It’s a good way to get kids to read longer series. Because it is so good they won’t notice each book is like 500 pages

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