Day Two

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I am going to write a little each day about how my day went. If you are curious how kids with anxiety are dealing with Covid and isolation, I might be able to lend you a small peak. I will also still be doing book reviews…unless I run out of books.

On Thursday, school was cancelled for Friday. Even later that night our state shut schools till April 6th. I am out until April 13th due to Spring Break. That is 30 days away.

We splurged on legos, books and crafts. I am going to have to learn how to slow my use of these.

I am also an asthma kid so under extra caution. Mom and Dad are also trying to figure out how to work during all of this.

I am going to be honest and I had two meltdowns today. I just don’t know how anyone can handle this. It feels so unknown. I prefer to understand things. This is hard.

Oh yeah and our cats are sick.

Day 2: disaster

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