Day Three

  • 2 min read

The boredom has set in. It is a good thing I don’t have to pay every time I say “I am bored.” I would be broke.

We started the day with some activity sheet from Jarrett Lerner . Ours had a consistent theme.

I am sure the humor will be gone soon. But these sheets kept us busy for a bit. I did some other crafting while Mom helped Lil Bro with his First Communion prep. God must have a sense of humor because his prep story was the Dishes and Loaves one.

I went for a bike ride outside. I can’t go to my training track 😭 but want to stay fit. I rode my bike around the neighborhood. It was quiet. It was also first outside ride since I started track cycling. I definitely noticed riding is different this year.

We played on our computers and with Legos. I also watched TV. Tomorrow I will have school work to do so today was trying to have fun.

We aren’t watching the news. My parents also reached out to my therapist about doing some virtual sessions. That makes me feel better.

I had a few meltdowns today. It feels like there is nothing to do and this seems endless. I have a hard time believing things will be better in April.

I am finishing my day with a pillow fort and board game. Also will get some reading in..

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