Claribel Ortega

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Author website/social media: @Claribel_Ortega – IG and Twitter 

1.     When you were my age (10), did you like to read? I loved to read! Especially Goosebumps books, they were my favorite. 

2.     What is a book that made an impact on you? Shadowshaper by Daniel José Older had a huge impact on me, because it helped me feel brave enough to write about my own culture in a fantasy book. 

3.     Is it hard to come up with book ideas? Not so far! My problem is I have too many ideas and not enough time. 

4. Your new book is going to be adapted? How did that come about? That was all Scholastic! They’d been working on it for a while, and I was just updated along the way. 

5. Is there a new or lesser known author you think kids should be aware of? A fellow spooky story author I think kids should be aware of is Karen Strong who wrote Just South of Home! 

6.     What advice do you have for a kid who wants to be an author? Read a lot and start writing as soon as you can. You don’t have to finish a book or write anything long: I started by writing short stories, poems and song lyrics. I would also watch videos of authors on youtube, many of them have videos about the process of becoming a writer and it might be helpful! You can usually ask questions in their comments too and hopefully they get back to you. 

7.     As an author, do you hear from your readers? What do you like about that? So far I have heard from a few and it’s been great. It’s always fun to be able to hear reader reactions or see pictures of kids reading something I wrote, I hope to continue hearing from you all! 

8.     If you could portal into any book (yours or another person’s), what book would it be? Howl’s Moving Castle, for sure! 

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