Day 7

  • 2 min read

I could start this with “I’m bored” but I need refocus my energy.

Positive things from today

– I went on two longer bike rides. I even rode by a friend’s house and we said a social distance hi

– I am nearly done this week’s school work. I need to send out my librarian interviews tomorrow.

– I had my first virtual therapy session. I had been on a therapy break so it was nice to catch up with my therapist. It was a nice distraction and nice to talk to someone other than my parents.

– I am getting a ton of reading done. I just need to spend some time writing my reviews.

– At least I am not Mom, she was working at 5am and just finished her last call. It is 730pm. She isn’t even part of her company’s immediate response. She is doing all the prep work for when her role needs to step in.

– My only meltdown was a few minutes ago. That is more because I am tired.

– I got a bunch of Robucks. With Mom so busy during the day, Lil Bro and I are getting lots of screen time (after our school work is done).

This still feels very endless.

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