Posted in the great quarantine of 2020

Day 8

I didn’t post this yesterday because 1 I slept alot, 2 I was in a pissy mood, and 3, everybody was on edge. But yesterday was horrible because of alot of things, such as the state saying that none of the school work done in this period of time would count!!!! I DID IT ALL FOR NOTHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!

Another thing was that me and Lil Bro made a Minecraft world, and he promised that it would be my private little world, but what did he do???? He played it and I didn’t even get a chance before it!!! He discovered my humble ( gigantic ) mansion, and if I had not made it so TNT did not explode, my mansion would be bye-bye!! Ughhhhhh

I am really hoping today will be better.