Day 9

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Today was much better. One meltdown but that was it.

I started the morning with my blog post. Some of my author and librarian friends responded and we had some silliness. Jarrett is planning FART Camp so we had fun with that. I also talked with my cousins. That helped a lot. I realized I need to talk to people other than Mom and my brother or Dad.

Today was also a down day. Lil Bro and I played on our computers a lot. Mom sewed and Dad was at work. In the afternoon I went for a bike ride and then we watched Onward. I had a pasty from Houghton for dinner. Mom brought them home from her trip last week.

It seems my days will be up and down. Cases of COVID are getting more common here. Mom got an email from my school district of one positive case and one pending. The scary part is the people were at both of our schools. The case at mine was after shutdown but the one at Lil Bro’s may have exposed people during drop-off/pick-up.

This new normal is hard to adjust to. It seems things are changing daily. I know some people are in states completely shutdown. I don’t know what Michigan will do but I don’t think we are going back to school anytime soon.

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