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The Derby Daredevils

By Kit Rosewater

Illustrated by Sophie Eacabasse

Book Source: review copy provided in exchange for review

Book Status: Available

1. The girl rides in the roller derby! I am a big fan of girls doing unusual sports.

2. The girl needs to have 3 more people to race in the derby league! (She has a bestie with her already)

3. It teaches you that your friend can have friends other than you and still be your bestie!!

4. I think that this book is a good book and that it has a lot of Girl Power

5. It teaches you to get a long with other people that you wouldn’t usually get along with!

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Day 12

Lil Brother today! Bridget fell asleep before posting last night so I am going to share how Day 12 went.

Day 12 was first day of Michigan Shelter in Place. Dad was home so he was our teacher. I got my work done quickly.

Mom had a call so we went on a scavenger hunt walk. We found everything but a worm and a dandelion. It is not the right time of year for those.

We have also been doing the 30 days of Legos challenge.

We spend a lot of time chatting with our cousins and friends. That is fun.

I am reading The Wild Robot with Mom. Maybe I will review soon.