Day 17

Not much new to report. I sleep in. I do school work. I play on the computer. I complain I am bored.

Yesterday I did find out I had overlooked a school assignment. I appreciate what my teachers are doing but the current organization is confusing for a kid like me. It is a little hard to keep track of what I am supposed to be doing each week.

Next week is Spring Break. Last year I went to the Grand Canyon and across Arizona. This year, I will probably go to the back yard.

Over the weekend, I did write a poem I want to share. I call it Meadow Transformed

Not a long, long, time ago,
In a land not far away,
Flowers bloomed high and low,
And breezes made them sway,

Far and near, word got out,
Of a meadow pretty as can be,
Soon you could hear a newsie’s shout,
Of a meadow by the sea,

Soon many flocked the valley,
Bringing many things,
But when they left the meadow of beauty,
they left something unpretty,

Bags floated in the sea,
Bottles covered the flowers,
What once was a meadow so pretty,
Was left without any power,

That my friends is a story,
That just might be true,
So heed my warning,
Recycle your plastic, just do.

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