Day 18

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I was very productive yesterday and got through most of my school work. I even have a draft of my essay done.

Next week is school vacation. I shared on twitter how last year I went to the Grand Canyon and across Arizona.

I usually go see my grandparents in Maine, so this is first April, I will be home. Twitter is helping me plan my Home Spring Break. I would love your ideas on a quarantine spring break adventure!

I am kind of surprised by how boring this all is. In books, kids who are in crisis are always doing things or in middle of saving the world. I haven’t read a book yet where you save the world by just doing nothing. Books did not prepare me for this!

I think the lack of activity is what is messing with me the most. I am more extroverted than everyone else in my house and they are getting sick of me and I am getting sick of them.

If you need a good laugh, I recommend checking out Tour de Quarantine. It is daily hilarious mock bike races and as a cyclist, it makes me laugh. I really want the T-shirt and hope cycling groups do hold a Tour de Quarantine when we are all released. Side note: I did finally get around to getting my US Cycling membership. I am an official novice rider!

Mom is working at 5am most mornings and often isn’t done until well after 6pm. She is coordinating her company’s community response which is not as easy as I thought it would be. She also has to track the global and state data and summarize for a daily meeting. She hasn’t said anything about this but I would think it is a hard thing to track daily. She has been quilting a lot which is her stress reliever. She says if she wasn’t working so many long hours on COVID, she would make masks but right now she needs sewing to be not about COVID.

So yea, none of this is what I thought is how I would be helping save the world. I expect a whole new type of apocalypse books for kids after this.

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