Quarantine Day???

At this point does it really matter what day it is? My state is most likely extending the shelter in place timeline and school at school is finished. We found out this week we will finish the year virtually.

At first I thought that was cool but I am in fifth grade. This means I will not see some classmates ever again. We won’t get to do any of the end of elementary stuff. We won’t go on our Chicago field trip. I won’t see my teachers again.

I am super proud that I am finishing elementary without an IEP and we don’t get to celebrate that.

I am not really liking online school. It is hard and boring. My emotions have been all over the place this week. It has been tough.

I did get some reading done this week so I will have reviews next week. I have even started reading e-books.

The weather has been nice so I have gotten outside. I have done some riding but not as much as I should. It is just hard to get into things right now. I am meeting with my therapist virtually each week which is cool.

Next week is spring break so I will have no school work but I also am running out of books! Not sure what I will do…

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  1. Maybe you can talk the school into doing a reunion party in the fall so that everyone can say goodbye and have a big party? Alex will most likely miss out on his 5th grade “passage” ceremony, or have to do it virtually, but since his school goes through 8th grade it’s not quite as much of an anticlimax as it is for you.

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