Posted in the great quarantine of 2020

How my week has been going

Hi! Hope your week has been going well! For me, it’s been pretty cool! I did some crafts, and played a little Roblox. I accidentally left one of my crafts in the rain, but it was a tissue paper butterfly, and the different colors just melted together! It was so pretty!!! My favorite part of my week was going on a bike ride.

I also got an edible arrangement from my grandparents, that was sooooooooooooo delicious, especially the melon in the middle of the pineapple flowers! It was sooooooooooooo juicy and sweet! Bye!! 🦄🐧🦚🌈🤩🦩🦢🐈😁❤️🦄🐧🦚🌈🤩🦩🦢🐈😁❤️🦄🐧🦚🌈🤩🦩🦢🐈😁❤️

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