The Beast Player

  • 2 min read

By Nahoko Uehashi

Translated by Cathy Hirano

Book Source: ordered from Book Beat

Book Status: Available

1. The girl, Elin’s, mom is murdered for “killing the Toda” (Toda are beasts that the mom raised, and it was actually what was supposed to help the Toda be stronger was killing them.)

2. Elin raised by a beekeeper after washing up ashore by the river. She even sees a wild Royal Beast, a very, incredibly rare sight!! She then enrolls in a school for beast docters, learning how to care for Royal Beasts.

3. There is a cub there, that was hurt by an arrow, and was going to die, and Elin raised her! She dies not use the silent whistle, because she hates seeing the cub being paralyzed, and she does not feed it the potion supposed to make it stronger, because it hurts the beast. The cub is named Leelan.

4. Leelan starts to see Elin as her mother, and they bond a lot! Leelan and Elin learn to talk to each other!!! Leelan even learns how to fly, which none of the beasts in captivity do!! She even mates, and has a tiny cub, which again, none of the other beasts do! Ok I’m going to tell you all of the story, do I’m going to stop.

5. Did you know that this book is translated? It is!

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