It’s my birthday post…

Ok this year has been crazy, and it changed in like, one day! I was going home from school, expecting we’d finish the year, but school got canceled the next day and it turned into the whole rest of the school year!!! It was craaaaaazzzyyyy!!!

Positive changes this year include learning track cycling and fostering kittens! Track cycling is sooooooooooooo fun, and fostering kittens is the best!!!!!! In track, I’ve been having a lot of fun and while fostering kittens, I’ve cuddled so many cute kittens!!!! It’s so fun.

I miss track cycling a lot right now. I can’t wait to get back on the track. Road riding is just not cutting it for me. I had a birthday party planned at my Velodrome for this weekend. That got cancelled which is a bummer.

This year has been realllllllllllly fun, excluding all the stuff going on right now…..

Now I are stuck at home, losing my mind, for who knows how long! It so weird! But at least my birthday cake is epic!  It’s Oreo, chocolate, and vanilla froyo, aaaaannnnnddddd, chocolate cake!! It’s delicious!!!!!  Bye!!!!!!!!

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  1. aimeebissonette2017

    Your birthday cake DOES sound epic! Yum!!! I know you and I am sure you will find a great way to make this birthday fun. I understand why you miss track cycling. (I miss climbing!) But you have found a wonderful new way to help out by fostering kittens. Please cuddle one for me.

    We’ll be able to get back to some of our regular activities at some point. Perhaps that party at the Velodrome will still happen – just a little later than planned. 🙂 Happy birthday to you, Bridget. We are both May babies. How fun to have birthdays when it’s finally sunny and warmer. Love, Aimée

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