Grandpa’s Barn

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Where is it located?

Copper Harbor, which is a small, seasonal resort town at the far north in Michigan

Bookstore online presence

We’ve been working on a website (not yet launched) and we have a Facebook page

How long have you owned the bookstore?

We opened this store in 2002, but I’ve been selling books in Copper Harbor since 1981.

Why did you buy/open a bookstore?

At the time, we also owned a gift store where we sold a lot of books.  I wanted to have a business that focused primarily on books especially those with a regional focus.

What is the cool part of owning a bookstore? 

Having conversations about books!  I love talking to a wide range of readers and learning from them about the books they love and are interested in reading.

Any authors you think middle grade readers should check out?

Two of the most enthused book recommendations I’ve ever received from a middle grade reader were the Green Rider series by Britain and The School of Good and Evil series by Chinani.  I loved reading The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise, by Gemeinhart so I enjoy recommending that and, basing a book on its cover, I like to recommend the Wildwood series, by Meloy. More importantly, which books are at the top of your list?

What is a hard part of owning a bookstore?

When you own a small business, there is never enough time!  Even though it’s pleasurable, it’s hard work seeking out new titles and finding their sources.  Small, independent bookstores have carefully chosen inventory – we’re not necessarily buying the Top 10 reads package deals of each season, so it can take a lot of work finding the right mix for our shelves.  Tracking inventory, paying bills, and cleaning are all part of the package!

How has COVID-19 impacted your bookstore? 

For the fist time in 40 years of owning a business in Copper Harbor, I’m not actively involved preparing to open in May.  I haven’t made a decision as to how my business will operate this summer, how I will safely allow people in the store, how I will run our book club meetings, and more.  The writing of this story is incomplete – we’re looking ahead only one chapter at a time.

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