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By Mike Sherer

Book Source: copy provided for review purposes

Book Status: available

1. The boy’s grandmother is a ghost.

2. There is a tree that is summoning evil ghosts.

3. There is a boy, Sean, a boy, Sam, a boy, Sham, a boy, Aaron, a girl, Celia, a girl, Tammy, and a girl, Maeve, who’s also a werecat, plus good ghost grandma, that are trying to save their town.

4. There is a few evil ghosts, that include a lady who can be any age, a guy who can get inside your head, a tree, and a skeleton on fire that can make you see car crashes before they happen (not very evil, right? But he causes them to make up for that!)

5. This is a slow book at first but once you get into it you won’t want to put it down! I was up for literally all night!

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