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I started this blog almost four years ago as I was finishing first grade. I am finishing fifth grade now. I am feeling a bit stuck but I am not ready to quit my blog.

In the nearly four years, I have almost 1000 posts, including over 600 book reviews by me and over 150 author/illustrator interviews.

Even before COVID, I was noticing it was getting harder for me to do reviews. I was also seeing a decline in readership. Four years ago, I was one of a few kid reviewers. Now there are quite a few. I want to figure out what make me unique in the mix.

Between all my platforms, I have around 2000 followers so hoping a large number would be willing to complete a survey for me. I am looking for open and honest input. I want to make my blog more beneficial to you.

Click for the survey

Thank you for your input!

When I started blogging….

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