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By Laurie Halse Anderson

Book Source: found in my little library

Book Status: available

I have a little library in my front yard. Our neighbors use it a lot and someone recently left some copies of CHAINS.

1. The girl is a slave during the Revolutionary War.

2. Reading this book right now us a great idea because of every thing going on. With not being in school, I can’t discuss what is going with my classmates. I am privileged to attend my school which is mostly black students. There are less than a handful of white kids in my school. This allows me an unique window into their experiences. But right now I don’t get it that since we are not together. I also don’t get the guidance from teachers and librarian on where to find resources.

3.The girl and her sister are sold to a mean mistress and a sympathetic master after their former mistress dies.

4. Their owners are loyalists and the girl helps the rebels and exposes her master.

5. She befreinds a rebel named Curzon and helps him when he gets captured by the British.

6. In discussing this my parents, I have to admit I am surprised that what this book covers still happens today. It seems stupid to me to judge people or treat them differently because of their skin color.

Since I can’t get it from school, what are other middle grade books I should be reading right now?

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