Kidlit 4 Black Lives Rally

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Yesterday the The Brown Bookshelf on Facebook had a live rally for kids on racism. I could not watch it when it happened for technical reasons, but I watched the video today. It was POWERFUL. It was amazing and cool and great. It had black authors come, and white authors come, but they all talked about the same thing. RACISM. They talked how white people should use their privileges to use their voice and speak up, and defend and help their black friends, and how thoughts don’t matter right now. Actions and words do. Those authors told Black people that they are not alone in the struggle and how they can speak up too. Those authors told how white people don’t have to use their voice. They told that white people don’t need to do anything. It does not affect them. But choose to use your voice.

Choose to speak up and protest the unfair treatment of black people. You don’t have to, but choose to.

Choose to help all the people being hurt the ignorant actions of others

Choose to help the black people getting bullied.

Choose to.

It is no secret I attend a mostly black school district. It has bothered me for a while that my friends don’t see themselves in a lot of books. It bothers me that I am finishing fifth grade and feel that I don’t understand the current situation well. We didn’t discuss what was going on it the world around us. I need to be more open. I need to learn.

I am going to choose to learn more about racism and anti-racism.

I want to become an ally, instead of a bystander.

I am going to help my friends use their voices.

I am going to use my voice to help others be heard.

I am going to use my voice to spread awareness.

I am going to choose to fight against racism.

I am going to encourage my friends to share their thoughts on books.

I am going to be open to criticism and pushes to do better. I want suggestions. I want to know what I am missing.

If you missed the live stream or have not watched the video, it is down below. I recommend you watch it. The first 45 minutes are targeted at kids and the second half for adults. There is also ASL included to ensure all people could participate.


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