A Prayer March

Yesterday, I went to a prayer march. The prayer march was praying for black lives. When my mom said let’s go to the prayer march, I did not want to. I wanted to stay home and be lazy. (That’s really all you can do at home right now….) But mom said I had to go. And boy, was it worth it.

The March was long and big, and it was hard. But it felt good fighting for equality. Remember when I posted that poem? Here’s another one.

Why chain down those who have already been chained?

Why make lives harder for people already suffering?

Why hate those who already are hated?

Why do this to those whom you have already hurt?

Once those questions are answered I know what responses will be.

People are scared of change.

People are afraid of differences.

They are afraid of all not “good” by their standards.

They hate those who could challenge them, they hate those who could help others while they are not promoted.

They are afraid and they hate what could be different.

They are scared.

Then they hate to protect.

I know this is true. I know this is proved.

I know why but don’t understand.

It makes no sense.

If I can do it, why can’t they.  IM A FIFTH GRADER FIR HEAVENS SAKE!






Ok back to the march. I loved doing it. It was hard, yes. It was long, yes. It was tiring, yes. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! I love my community no matter what race or skin tone! I love to be a part of community. I LOVE IT!!

I love speaking out, I love using my voice but I don’t love the unfair treatment of people who have dark skin. Its stupid. Its ruthless. Its against the law. ITS AGAINST FIVE SIMPLE WORDS!!!!!! DID WE NOT WRITE IN THE CONSTITUTION, THE BASIC RULES OF GOVERNMENT, THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL????

I am mad that people treat others this way. I am mad and I will do anything in my power to snuff out the flame of racism. But nobody, not even me, has the power of the people combined. That is what the prayer march was. All our prayers for this to end combined. We hoped people would listen. After centuries, they still haven’t.

A highlight was meeting and talking with some of my local government representatives. I met City Council Member Jason Hoskins, State Rep Robert Wittenberg, State Rep Kyra Bolden, State Senator Jeremy Moss and County Treasurer Andy Messier. They all joined the walk. One thing that really impressed me was how young they all were nice and encouraging to me.

Senator Moss really encouraged me to use my voice because I have this platform. I am going to! I am going to continue advocating for diversity in books, own voices and treating all people like we all want to be treated.

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  1. Hi Bridget. Thank you for these posts. It is so heartening to see young voices stepping up in uncomfortable situations. Modeling what adults need to see. Keep writing. Keep using that powerful, authentic voice. And I’ll keep sharing so it can be heard.

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