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By Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi

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  1. This book is a great book right now because it tells how racism is part of our society and how it has acrossed the world and history. It is part of our lives even if we didn’t realize it.

2. This book tells how racism has changed, and the stereotypes of people, good and bad. It is eye opening on all the ways that racism is exhibited.

3. This book is NOT A HISTORY BOOK!!!!! But it makes you think what you have been told about history. I bet many people will think about Abraham Lincoln differently.

4. This book is a really fun book because it has kid aspects, like just having moments when you have to laugh, like when they describe the Tarzan books. You JUST have to laugh because the way it is written, not because the racism is funny.

5. This is just a great way to tell kids about racism. This is good for kids who try to avoid the hard truths. I don’t like to face negative things but this book forces me to. It opens you up to be willing learn the hard truths.

6. I do think for some families, the parents may want to read along with the kids. My mom wasn’t reading it but she let me discuss it with her. It was not uncommon for me to discuss what I had just read. I think I yelled “WHAT” more than few times.

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