The end of elementary

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Today is my last day of fifth grade and my last day of elementary. Elementary was not the easiest. Even before kindergarten, my ADHD and anxiety were problems. I was (and am) very emotional and could be explosive. Kindergarten and first grade were difficult. I quickly got an IEP and an aide, but the school and I were not a good fit.

I will say in first grade I became aware of vlogs. I wanted one. Instead I got this and well, that was a very good call. I don’t think I would still be vlogging now.

After first grade I transferred to my current school district. My behavior in school still needed a lot work, but I was eventually paired with the most perfect aide ever. Mrs G was comforting, calm and supportive. She was just perfect. She helped me build the confidence I needed to really start changing how I responded to things.

Thanks to second grade, I was actually having a great time at school. In third grade, I made two best friends, and they are still my besties! I also no longer needed a personal aide to make it through the day. Sadly, Mrs G passed away over the summer between third and fourth grade. I had run into her at the grocery store a few months before and was able to share how much she meant to me.

In fourth grade, I had established my reputation on my brains, not my behavior. Kids even wanted me to do their work. My teachers also understood that I could get bored with some grade level work and would provide challenges for me.

Maybe it was a sign of what to come when fifth grade started and due to teacher shortage, everything was mixed up. We spent the year sharing teachers with fourth grade more than usual. We did get one new teacher and I am so sad to leave her. Now I am at the last day of fifth grade and we didn’t get to go on our field trip. We haven’t gotten to say goodbye. Heck, I haven’t even gotten my stuff yet.

But I got through it. I even passed a test letting me get into the preparatory middle and high school in my district!!!!  It is super competitive. I was also able to switch from an IEP to a 504 for my anxiety. That is my most proud accomplishment because it means I have learned a lot about not letting my emotions control me.

I am glad to have elementary behind me. It was a learning experience. I have changed a lot. I know people say to appreciate these experiences, but I definitely don’t want to do it again.

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