A Good Kind of Trouble

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By Lisa Moore Ramee

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This book was strongly recommended to me. I now strongly recommend it. The story of a middle grade girl who finds a way to use her voice to stand up for what she believes is a story for all kids.

There are a lot of people questioning the role of kids in all of this. My perspective is our voice is as important as that of adults. This is our world too. As kids, we have to find our way of using our voices.

For me, I am using this blog and joining the protests in my town.

In the book, Shay uses her voice by wearing a black armband to school. It eventually grows throughout the school. Shay is a kid who avoids trouble but because Black Lives Matters is a cause that is important to her, she finds her voice.

Going through Shay’s experience will help kids think of ways they can use their voice for causes that matter to them. Even something as seemingly small as an armband can create a huge message. Small actions matter.

This is another definitely read book for kids. This could be a really good class read for students learning about civil protest. Kids can relate to it and see how they fit.

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