All Thirteen

  • 2 min read

By Christina Soontornvat

Book Source: ARC provided

Book Status: available in October 2020

This book is full of details on the cave rescue of the Thai Boys’ Soccer Team. It can almost feel like a textbook with all the details. Because it is an ARC, not all the layout is complete so that makes it a little hard to do a full review.

1. This event only happened two years ago so some kids may remember it on the news. Yesterday was the two year anniversary of the boys being trapped.

2. The level of detail will be appealing to kids like my brother who love real stories and events.

3. You learn a lot about cave rescues and how complicated and dangerous they are. It makes you think twice about going in a cave.

4. You get to know the people in the rescue beyond their face and name. That helps a lot in realizing how serious this was. You are rooting for them to be successful even though you know they are.

5. It is a thick book so kids may find it intimidating but if they read it in pieces, they are going to want to keep going and learn more. Probably not one shot read book for kids, but many will want to know more.

6. I really think reluctant fiction readers may be into this book. Lil Bro prefers reading non-fiction and has been slowly reading this. This is a book for readers like him who don’t connect with the fantasy world but love the real world .

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