Making a Difference

  • 2 min read

By Melissa Seymour

Illustrated by Stevie Lewis

Book Source: provided for review

Book Status: available

1. This book is good for younger kids because it is short and is American Girl. Girls especially trust American Girl.

2. The book has quizzes that decide how you should protest and what kind of activist you are.

3. The pictures in this book very cool and fun they’re not really collage but they’re not really painting.

4. This is a good book for now. It can be a little confusing because the quizzes are targeted at times that you’re in school or a time that you have free time or are you even allowed to be with other people. It may take some creative thought on how to do it in a pandemic.

5. I just really like this book because most books on activism aren’t for the reader but to inform the reader about other people. This book helps you become the activist you want to be.

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