American as Paneer Pie

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By Supriya Kelkar

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1. This book is a book about Lekha, a girl who is proud her Indian heritage but gets teased for it. Another girl named Avantika moves in acrossed the street. She is also Desi!

2. Avantika is bold and is not afraid to stand up to bullies. Lekha is not sure what to think about Avantika, because she acts entirely differently at school as she does at home.

3. The bullying is directed at things tied to the girls’ Indian heritage, like their food, the movies they like and even Lekha’s birthmark.

4. The book even gets into the confusing symbolism of the swastika. It was a symbol of divinity for the Indians. But as we know, the Nazis turned it into something else. The book also points out how hard it is for the older people to understand American traditions because they hadn’t been raised to those tradition.

5. My favorite part of this book is when Avantika stands up to the bully early on in the book. The bully is commenting on how Americans don’t eat with their fingers (not true but ok). Avantika says oh really okay all the oranges and bananas with a fork and knife I’ll make sure that I eat chips with a spoon. It’s really funny!

6. This book would help kids understand why making fun of the traditions of other kids is being judgemental. They would be happier if they learned about those traditions. Some of are really fun. This book may also a kid figure out how they can stand up for another kid.

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