Nikki Tesla and the Traitors of the Lost Spark

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By Jess Keating

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1. This is the third book in the Nikki Tesla series. Right now there is no plan for a fourth but I hope Jess gets to write one. The series could end here but it would be so much better if there are more.

2. The kids are  accused of stealing the Crown Jewels of England. After the kids are accused of stealing the jewels, Martha is arrested, and they are on the run from the police.

3. The kids meet a kid who knows Mary. He is also a writer, but he’s also Marys ex. They need help from him but he specializes in old technology as well as writing.

4. The kids are also trying to find a evil evil man named Victor who is holding a virus that could kill all of humanity. It gives you super strength but then it kills you. Victor is always one step ahead of the kids and they keep getting tricked and are always found by the police. For some reason after Nikki’s constant persuasion they still think the kids are criminals.

5. This series is great for showcasing how no kid knows everything. Each has their own set skills and working together makes them all better. This is good to show kids they can be great in one area and can find a friend who is great is another area. Together they are powerful. It is nice to have a series where it is not all this kid is the best but a true team effort.

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